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The best Romp cartoon?

Bill and Ted
Officer Krupt
Jakes Booty Call
Cooties Bar
Coach Bigot
Napster Bad, Money Good
TV Interactive
Oz vs Oz


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jakes booty call

Jakes Booty Call Episodes

All 33 of them, and 3 Extras!

WHO WANTS THE MOVIE!? NOW ONLY $8.99!!! Absolutely cheap as f*ck! Released 26th February 2008, Move It!

Buy the Jake's Booty Call DVD from Amazon.com!

MP3 Now Playing: Jake - On Like Donkey Kong

This is the complete collection of the Jakes Booty Call flash games created by Julian Metter and the boys at romp.com - newest to oldest. As you can see, the fun started off very simple: to get Jake laid! There weren't that many possibilities and the graphics were simple, but the idea was there and my god did it improve! :D The Romp Mafia spawned a whole new image, 30 odd episodes of increasingly elite antics and gameplay, and in fact went on to create a movie (Jakes Booty Call), which screened in several U.S cities but regrettably never went mainstream.

R.O.M.P unfortunately went under themselves, as a free internet entertainment company but the legend lives on! Jay Lerner (the voice of Jakes wingman in the movie) tells me the DVD production of Jakes Booty Call is in the works! With any luck we can all be sippin' back on a beer and watching the Jedi Pimp himself play the game some time next year! (2006)

Romp.com Mafia For Life! Long Live The L.D!!

romp.com Jakes Booty Call

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Published on: 2005-07-16 (661728 reads)

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